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Social Media Strategies

E-Commerce Presence/Website Development/Social Media Strategies

It’s a given that today every business needs a website and a social media strategies to develop a

competitive E-Commerce Presence. Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • “How well does my web site really work?”
  • “Am I using Social Media to my best competitive advantage?”
  • “Does my online presence drive customers to me or away from me and to my competitors?”
  • “What type of image does my virtual presence really create about my business?”

If you feel you have the answer that is great. But, are your answers true and accurate with regards to your customers?” At Williams, Yevin + Associates, we can help you answer these questions and verify if what you feel is true and accurate or needs to be changed. Our E-Commerce Team is available to analyze your virtual presence, make recommendations as to its strengths and weaknesses, and work with you to strategically enhance your virtual presence.

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