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The best business decisions are data driven. Why? Because the numbers (if accurate) don’t lie. At Williams, Yevin + Associates, our research professionals are experienced in offering full- service, custom marketing research capabilities in Secondary Research and Primary Research. We use an array of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to collect, analyze and present data and information with accompanying recommendations specifically related to your decision-making needs.

Our qualitative techniques include:

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth, one-on-one interviews

Our quantitative techniques include:

  • Phone survey research
  • Mail survey research
  • Web-based survey research

If you need Competitor Intelligence for a handle on what your competition is doing strategically so you can compete more effectively, we can assist. Our wide base of professional experience gives us the ability to objectively assess, analyze, evaluate, and pinpoint both competencies and misjudgments your competition might be making. We then offer recommendations on how you can leverage these to your competitive advantage.

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