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Every manager and business owner has issues for which many times there is just no one available to talk with abut them. At Williams, Yevin + Associates, our proprietary Confidential Business Therapy® offers one-on-one consulting to help you discuss, explore and resolve a short-term, ad hoc business issue which often “needles” every manager. Would a professional “sounding board” be valuable at times? We can serve as your “professional sounding board” available to you on an “as needed” basis to work with you through issues as they arise. Typically, these issues are smaller in scope than a traditional consultant would want to be involved with. But we provide this service to you without the commitments of contracts. Confidential Business Therapy® is available to you on an hourly basis and focuses on your specific problem at hand, offers guidance and resolutions so you can address them efficiently and immediately. Be it an HR problem, sales, marketing, pricing, operations, just to mention a few, we are available to assist when your need arises. Often, you must make quick decisions. Williams, Yevin + Associates can be your “professional sounding board” in a fast, confidential way to help you move your business forward by dealing with those daily problems that need your immediate attention. With our proprietary Confidential Business Therapy® your business counselor awaits your call to assist when these problems surface and eat away at your valuable time.

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